A Bit About Stephanie Spaulding

This has been a very exciting year for me. I’m excited to announce the upcoming publication of my first short fiction collection, One Tough Cupcake, in Fall 2017! In addition, I launched a podcast series called “Mightier Than the Sword” with Laura Hurwitz. On this podcast, Laura and I talk about various aspects of writing and creativity. MTTS is a subseries of Laura’s short fiction podcast, The Easy Chair, where I’ve also shared my short fiction pieces. To sample, just search Stephanie Spaulding in iTunes!

In addition to these big projects, I have published several writing series in daily installments on Facebook. My day job as a funky Latin teacher provides the freedom and flexibility to pursue what matters most to me in writing: developing authentic characters who struggle with how to engage in life.

I hold a BA from the University of Vermont and a master’s degree in Greek and Latin Literature from Yale University.